My name is Tommy “Invalido” Molitor and I was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1985. I grew up in a small town called Norrtälje, north of Stockholm in the middle of the archipelago.

Mitt handicap

I have a congenital disability called Arthrogryposis, which is stiffness and weak joints resulting in a lack of muscle growth in the affected area. When I was born, my legs bent inwards meaning Doctors had to remove my Achilles tendon through surgery. Because of this I had much weaker muscle growth in my legs and had to use greaves.

I proved the doctors were wrong

Initially, doctor’s I would be wheelchair bound for the rest of my life, but my parents regularly took me to a physiotherapist. I trained and stretched several times a week and finally I started to learn to walk without braces. No more wheelchair!

Hard times during youth

Some of the toughest years of my life were in the first years of primary school. It was then when I discovered I had severe dyslexia and dyscalculia. I had a lot of trouble keeping up with the “normal” pace of school. Unfortunately, at that time know one knew much about these conditions, which made it extremely difficult to give me a direct diagnosis. It was an extremely difficult moment in my life, as I felt misplaced and insecure.


After undergoing many years of neurological examinations, psychologists confirmed that all these years before, I was not diagnosed correctly. Once they discovered my official diagnosis it was easier for me to accept my situation and get the help I needed. It was then I realized I was not taught in the proper environment and the struggle to catch up all those years of primary education I missed began! Thanks to the support of my family and friends they helped me create a proper learning environment for me to catch up the education I missed.

Breaking was my salvation

In 2002, I discovered my greatest passion: Breaking and Hip Hop! This was my salvation!

From the bottom to the top!

In the beginning I felt a little lost as I had zero self-esteem and I felt like a wounded soul. After much time and energy learning more about the culture and learning to adapt my body to dance, I started to build my self-esteem. This gave me the confidence to communicate with people and improve my social skills, which is something I felt I never had before I discovered Breaking.

My passion is other's inspiration

Today, I am proud to share with you that I am living my dream, DANCE! I have found my passion and I work and live it! I advocate to the people I meet that life and positive results are all about having the Will Power!

I would like to teach people that we all have obstacles in life, but it’s all about having the right attitude and mentality. Staying positive and believing in ourselves will get us through the most difficult obstacles in life. No matter what circumstances or conditions you may have you can overcome your obstacles and negative demons.

Today, I live by the motto: No Excuses! No limits!!

Dance experience

Through my experiences I have met some amazing people that have supported and inspired me as a dancer and a person. I would like to recognize: Beat Rockers (SWE), ILL-Abilities™ (International), The Throwdown Rockers (SWE), Feed The Floor (SWE) Concrete Kingz (SWE) and Westcoast B-boys (U.S.).

No Limits

I have had the opportunity to travel Internationally and have danced in countries such as, USA, Canada, Holland and France.
In 2011, I was invited to NO LIMITS 2 in Montreal, QC. NO LIMITS is an annual event organized by ILL-Abilities™ international breakdance crew comprised of dancers who have physical limitations in different ways.

The crew was founded my Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli in 2007 and their mission today to redefine society’s view of disability, promote empowerment, and encourage limitless possibilities through motivational entertainment.

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